Semi Annual Goals & Accomplishments 

Dreams will always be dreams, unless you get off your ass (am I allowed to say that?, too bad I am anyways) and make them a reality. I’m not sure if anyone remembers my previous Goals and Accomplishment posts (y’all can read it here if you haven’t) but it’s now been 6 months since my last one and I figured it’s time to update that bad boy for you guys.

Let’s face it, if I would have coasted along these last 6 months I wouldn’t have anything for you guys to read, to look at, and most importantly for myself to accomplish. So these past 3 and a half months (I can’t even say 5 because I slacked hard from December until February, but part of it was based off technical issues that you can read about here and here) I have busted my butt in order to move forward in the beauty blogging world.
Let’s start with my accomplishments, because who doesn’t want to brag a little when they do something cool? And I don’t want to come off as arrogant, I am just very proud of the things I’ve accomplished in the past few months.
First off is being approved to IpsyOS.
If you read my last goals post that was one of them. Ever since I heard about IpsyOS last May at Gen Beauty it was my goal to start a beauty blog and to be approved. Little did I know that I would do it in time to attend Gen Beauty this year as a content creator AND being invited to the content creator cocktail partyyyyy. 
Next is being approved for the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Directory. 
Again, last May – Gen Beauty. I heard so many wonderful things about the network I set the goal to become a member. I was expecting it to take more than one attempt to apply and be approved, but hey I did it in 1 and I will take it. 
Hitting 1K followers on IG
This one I thought was going to take me forever. Not even kidding, it took me over 2 years to crack 500 and then when I finally put all my effort into creating content and putting myself into it I over doubled my followers in less than 3 weeks. And if you read my last post on goals, my goal was to hit 500. I am now currently at a little over 1200 of you guys and it means the world to me.
Being noticed by Tarte.
Uhm hi. I think that your first time being noticed by a HUGE brand is something to be proud of and speaks for itself. But it happened twice within a week. First off was them RTing my picture, then they liked it again on Instagram
Receiving my first Influenster Vox Box.
This one isn’t specially huge, but it was the Bite Beauty Lip Pencil (you can read my review here), so I mean I’m pretty happy my first box was a high end company.

Working with a company
it finally happened! I was approached by Skinny Coffee Club – which happens to work out perfectly with my current weight loss goal. I’ve only been using it for 2 days but I do feel a lot less bloated already.

Now my previous goals

  • Be viewed in 50 countries ✅ 

Currently over 60!!

  •  500 followers on Instagram

1208 as I write this post!!

  •  2000 blog views

2.9k so far!!

  • Post 3-4 times a week on daniellemarieexo

Okay so this one I’m failing. But but but, I have started planning things better

  • Post 5-7 times a week on Instagram

I’ve gotten a lot better, I’ve been posting 1-3 posts daily (usually)!
So 4/5 goals, and the ones I’ve accomplished, I’ve exceeded !!

Goals by 2018

  1. 5000 Followers on Instagram
  2. Work with one of my favourite brands
  3. Start esthetics in September, and maintain a 4.0 GPA
  4. Post more frequently on www.daniellemarieexo.ca
  5. Be pre-Bentley weight