Accomplishments & Goals

I’m a strong believer that things will happen if you set goals and you work to reach them. With that being said I’ve reached a few goals that I’ve set for myself since creating daniellemarieexo. Some of these goals also allowed me to get some extremely accomplishments along the way as well. And in the end I learned that hard work and dedication do pay off.

With that being said I’m going to take this post to share with you my previous goals, my future goals and my accomplishments.

My first goal was to post frequently to my blog as well as my social media. I would have to say this is completed but not to my best ability. I would like to post 3-4 times a week on my blog, and daily on Instagram as well as Twitter.

My second goal was to reach 500 friends on Instagram and Twitter. I have not completed this goal yet but I’m nearly half way there on Instagram. Hopefully by stepping up my posting amount I will be able to gain more. Twitter on the other hand I’ll be happy if I reach 100 by the new year because I’m under 50 currently.

My third goal was to work with one company. This has also not been accomplished yet. But here’s hoping that one day I will.

My fourth goal was to do one giveaway. This also has not happened because I was waiting for reach 1000 views on daniellemarieexo. And as of yesterday I was at 1082 so expect a giveaway soon!

Now onto my accomplishments that I’ve had since I started daniellemarieexo

After writing a post about my favourite beauty blogger Christen Dominique I had tweeted her a link and to my excitement she RTed the tweet, so here’s to hoping that means she also read my post! Christen Dominique

My second accomplishment was being featured by my favourite brush brand on their Instagram account. I may have had a mini (major) fan girl moment Luxie

And my third accomplishment is an ongoing one, but it’s daniellemarieexo being viewed in every continent and 40 countries. Seriously you guys are amazing. I never would have expected my blog to have been seen in so many different countries. Who knows maybe one day it’ll be viewed in the majority of the world!! map

Now onto some goals that I would like to accomplish by the end of 2016 

  • Be viewed in 50 countries
  • 500 followers on Instagram
  • 2000 blog views
  • Post 3-4 times a week on daniellemarieexo
  • Post 5-7 times a week on Instagram

And finally some of my larger goals that will take some time but I’m working my way there 

  1. Start the esthetician program at school next fall
  2. Work with one of my favourite companies
  3. Hit 1000 followers on Instagram
  4. Be viewed in 50% of the countries in the world
  5. Become a member of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers
  6. Become a member of IpsyOS
  7. To get rid of my breakouts on my chin (gosh I hate hormonal acne)
  8. To grow my eyebrows out (I’m ready for a few long months of terrible brows)