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Full Time Mommy, Part Time Beauty Blogger: Effective tips to manage your blog when you have a full time life 

Until recently Bentley was such a needy baby, he loved being held, hates not having attention on him, and gets bored super easily. Hmmm I wonder were he gets that’ from ha ha ha. But in the past couple weeks he’s gotten a lot more independent and less needy. He will spend time sitting on his mats playing with his toys, he will sit in his high chair and chat up a storm, and most importantly we got on a schedule of getting him to sleep at 9:30. Woo hoo no more midnight bed time and more mommy time.

While I will admit the more I get into working on my blog the easier it comes to me, whether it be planning new posts, browsing for inspiration, or staying up way later than I should writing posts (it’s currently 2:30 am… oops)

At the beginning this whole blogging thing did seem a little overwhelming, from getting started, to learning everything there is to know about it. and trust me I’m no where near knowing it all) but I will share with you my tips that have gotten me through the last few weeks and has made my blogging experience easier.
First off, WRITE THINGS DOWN. There is literally nothing worse than having an awesome idea pop into your head when your falling asleep and then waking up and not remembering what it was. (Been there done that) if you’re on the go keep a little notepad and pen in your purse, or open up the memo pad in your phone and jot it down. You will thank yourself later.
Next up plan in advance, personally I have a list of 50 some posts that I would like to complete by the new year. It helps for when you’re having a brain fart and you can’t think of anything to write about. Seriously, just take the time now to brainstorm as many posts as you can, it will save you time in the future.
Third. Take as many photos as you can at once. Set aside time and set up as many photos as you can and shoot them all at once. Flat lays are not as simple as they look and ideally you want to shoot in the natural light of the afternoon as it will give your photos the best lighting, so plan an afternoon to take a bunch of future post photo (hint hint, go back to top 2) then when you’re in a rush you will always have a new photo to post to your IG.
Four is very similar to number three, but write your posts at once. Personally once I start I am on a roll (as in this is my fourth post I’ve written tonight since Bentley fell asleep) it’s a lot easier to have all your posts written and scheduled to post for a few days. It gives you time to go back and repeat all the other steps. I usually do this before I take the photos so all my posts are saved as drafts, then I’ll add the photos and schedule it to post when I want it to.

Spend time reading other blogs, comment and follow. You never know when you might find a post that you want to try and the best way to grow your blog is to let others know that you’re not all about yourself. From what I’ve learned so far there are so many networks for bloggers and so many opportunities to collaborate. The world of beauty blogging is a very friendly and opening community.

Last put your heart into it. Take it from me, the more you  get into it the easier it gets. I can be out and see a cute little knick knack and think about how cute that will look in my flatlays. Or I can be laying in bed trying to fall asleep and a whole post will pop up in my head (that may have happened with this post) or I see a new product and I can’t wait to try it, but not only to try it but to review it for everyone else because I know how much I love reading reviews before I try a new product.

xo Danielle