Holiday Makeup- Candy Cane Liner Tutorial

‘Tis the season for holiday makeup fa la la la la la la la. But seriously. How is it already November 21? Christmas is almost 1 month away and I’m more than ready for it to come.

If there’s one thing in the world I love more than fall it’s Christmas. The smell of fresh baking and pine trees and the sparkling snow. (Mind you I absolutely hate the cold!) It’s just such a wonderful time of year.

I decided to step up my blogging game by doing my first tutorial so I apologize if it’s not the best, but I promise I will get better as I go. For this look I decided to channel Christmas with a classic red lip and candy cane winged liner.

Now I did come across a few things I’ll share with you so you can get a better outcome than I had. (I mean I’m still happy but there’s a few things I would change)

First I realized that the only red liquid lipstick I have is currently lost in transit somewhere in America. But I would recommend to use a liquid lipstick as it will not smudge and it will be easier to work with than classic lipstick.

Next I suggest to use the smallest brush you can find. I was using a fairly small one but it could have been smaller to get finer lines.

I also suggest if you don’t have a white liquid liner (I do not) that you heat up your pencil liner with a lighter for a couple seconds before you apply it so it goes on more like a gel and you get a more pigmented white base for your “candy cane”

white liner

Lastly I suggest you test the red on top of the white on your hand before because they can appear different on the white. For example, I tried the ColourPop x Hello Kitty lippie in “Let’s Play” and it turned very pink on top of the white.

candy cane liner
ColourPop x Hello Kitty in “Let’s Play” & Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in “Adorable Matt!”

So now that you have some tips let’s get onto how you actually put the look together shall we?

 Things You Will Need

  • White eye liner
  • Red lipstick (I recommend a liquid, I found the cream one blended with the white)
  • A small liner brush
  • White eyeshadow
  • Mascara/false lashes

The first step is to do your face makeup as you normally would, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, highlighter etc.

Next you are going to want to apply your white liner to your upper lid, making sure to wing it out. If you’re using a pencil liner I recommend to heat it up using a lighter before you apply. It will make the liner go on more like a gel and appear a lot more pigmented.img_7157

candy cane liner
ignore my skin, this was done after a full days work and I was only wearing BB cream

Next step is to take your small liner brush and your red lipstick. You are going to want to get the red on the brush and paint on the stripes to your candy cane. Don’t worry about getting red above of the white as you can clean it up using a q-tip after you finish!!

To finish off this look you want to apply a red lip, some white Shadow to the inner corner and your lashes! I recommend using the same red as you used on your eyes so you don’t have 2 different shades.

And TA DA you have yourself an easy, and festive holiday look that you can wear anywhere !!

Let me see your recreations of my look by tagging me in your picture on Instagram!! @_daniellemarieexo

xo Danielle