Self Care

Stop Letting Your Flaws Define Who You Are

The standards society has set for people to be “beautiful” are absolutely ridiculous. I guess being a bigger girl my whole life would have to be my biggest “flaw” so I’ve heard it all – “you’re so pretty for being bigger” “oh for a big girl you’re pretty” and my personal favourite “she’s a butter body” (pretty but her body isn’t).

The standards society sets are insane, you’re either too skinny or too fat, your hair is too curly, you have too many freckles. But it’s time that we learn to take these “flaws” that society has created and turn them into your own beauty and stop letting them define who you are.

Weight is something I’ve personally struggled with my whole life and for the longest time I didn’t feel pretty,  because according to the beauty standards society has set I’m too fat. After having my son my weight has hit an all time high, and I’m not proud of it – but I’m slowly working my way back to pre-baby weight and then some.

The other day I was reminded on Facebook about a post a good friend of mine Mariann Sawyer had written last year. The post is titled “I am FAT” and can be found here – and I highly encourage everyone to read the full post. She simply has a way with words and the way she wrote about this topic really hit home. My favourite quote from the whole post is as follows

“These labels, and many others provide an unnecessary pressure to those who feel it most. So what if you have glasses? You also have a bright smile, a shining personality and a great sense of humour. It is one of the many things that make you…you. Unique. Individual.”

Mariann also has many more inspiring posts about just about anything – which can be found on her blog which I highly recommend you take a look at.

So as you finish reading this, I want you to think about all the “flaws” society sees in you, and embrace them. Because as Mariann said, they are just some of the things that makes you unique. And I have to say the best part about being yourself, is no one will ever be a better you.

Stay Beautiful Loves,