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Self Care Sunday: 10 Tips to Start the Week off Right

Beauty is first found when you find your inner beauty and accept your flaws. With that being said, this post is going to be a bit of a different post, to start my week series on self-care – we will start with my self care Sunday tips. Because what other way is there to end your weekend on a great note, and start your new week on an even better one.

This week I’m going to focus a little more on the less physical aspects of makeup and more on the mental and emotional aspects of beauty, skin care, and how to find your inner beauty. We will finish off the week with my first giveaway featuring a couple of my skincare favourites – which will be reviewed throughout the week!

Sounds exciting enough, right? So let’s dig right into how I spend my Sunday nights relaxing and taking some much needed me time.

  1. Find something you love and dedicate some time to it. Whether it be catching up on your favourite show, reading your favourite book – or for me trying to get ahead on some blog posts for the week.
  2. Take a bubble bath. Anyone who knows me knows that I take more than one of these a week, but I’m always sure to use my favourite bubbles (the comforter from Lush in case you’re wondering) and de-stressing from the weekend.
  3. Think. I mean really think. Take the time to think about just how lucky you are. Every little blessing in your life, how everyday is a gift. This helps me start the week on a fresh note and forget about what dragged me down last week.
  4. Have your favourite snack. Maybe it’s healthy maybe it’s not. But there is nothing better than snacking on your favourite comfort food to get you in the relaxed mindset. Keep in mind moderation is key if you’re going for an unhealthy option!
  5. Turn off your phone. Take a break from social media, from society. Let yourself truly relax for once, and not feel the need to check your texts every 2 minutes. The world isn’t going to end if you don’t check it for a couple hours.
  6. Do a face mask. Not only is this super relaxing, it also detoxifies your skin and leaves it super fresh – just like the fresh start you’re getting for the week coming.
  7. Have a relaxing drink. This can be taken a few ways. Have that glass of red wine to help you wind down, or maybe you’re like me and find comfort from a nice mug of tea. Either way, find your drink of choice and use it to help you relax even more.
  8. Make a list of things you want to accomplish this upcoming week. Do you want to go to the gym everyday? Post everyday on your social media? Whatever you want to do write it down. Better yet, set a reward so you will be that much more motivated to accomplish everything.
  9. Watch the sunset. There’s nothing better than watching the sun set down and knowing that when it rises it will be a new day. Leave all the troubles from the week behind you when that sun sets and start the week off on a fresh foot.
  10. Go to bed early. I cannot stress how important this one is. Go to bed early, you’re not going to be missing much – I can promise that. But you will wake up feeling refreshed and energized and ready to kick the Monday blues to the curb.

How do YOU spend your Sundays? Do you have any tips that I could adapt into my self care Sunday routine? Let me know in the comments below
Until next time