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Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Cheek and Eye Palette Review, Swatches & Look

Have you ever been SO EXCITED to order a palette or a new makeup item only to be let down so much? Anyone who knows me in real life knows how excited I was to get the new Tarte Make Believe in Yourself palette. Well I finally got it in the mail, fell in love at first look but when I swatched it and tried it out I was soooo let down. Then to bring it over to a friends and have her swatch it and fall back in love. 
I’m not too sure what happened, maybe I wasn’t pressing hard enough at first, or maybe there was a coating on top that made it hard to swatch but I just wasn’t feeling it. Like take a look at these swatches. They look HORRID. 

So I was going to return it to Sephora when I stopped at a friends on the way, she was playing around with it and swatching on her arm and she asked if I was crazy. It was suddenly a whole new palette. Buttery and pigmented as opposed to the dry and pigment-less palette I had just swatched. I tried one more time swatching it and that’s when I decided that this palette was amazing. Take a look at these swatches, you wouldn’t even be able to tell that it’s the same palette. 

​​​Let me start off by saying this palette is gorgeous, the packaging is so sleek and majestic (I mean it IS inspired by unicorns), the colours look so pretty and it’s the perfect size with a full sized mirror.  Tarte Make Believe in Yourself
Before I even swatched it I had decided to do a look with it, but right from trying the first colour it was so difficult to get a good amount of product on the brush, and to make sure you didn’t lose all of the shadow due to a high amount of fall out. But then again back to my second swatches, it was a totally different palette. 

The palette comes with 10 eye shadows; 9 shimmer and 1 Matte and 1 larger highlighter in the centre. 

Let’s start out with swatches and descriptions of the colours. 

Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Pixie– is a rose gold shimmer

Crystal– is a purple toned champagne shimmer

Dream– is a blue toned turquoise shimmer 

Mystic– is a blue-ish silver shimmer 

Fairy– is a dark purple shimmer 

Trance– is a purple toned taupe shimmer 

Marvel– is a gold-ish green shimmer 

Wings– is a copper shimmer 

Magic– is a bronze-y brown shimmer 

Myth– is a nude Matte transition shade 

Believe– is a pearl highlighter 
The bold and colourful looks you can create with this palette are endless, my personal favourite that I have created with it so far is an ombré purple, blue and green cut crease. If you want to find out how I did it keep reading, and if not I hope you enjoyed my review on this palette. 
Danielle xo 

Tarte Make Believe in Yourself
•To start off this look i started in the outer edge above my crease with my Luxie 219 Eyeliner brush and Dream and drew a line about 1/3 of the way across the “crease” that I was creating. 

•Next taking the same brush I took the colour mystic and continued the line another 1/3 of the way blending the 2 together where they overlap. 

•Using the same brush I then took fairy and went into almost the inter corner of my “crease”, blending mystic and fairy where they overlapped 

•At this point I decided that I had wanted to add a little green to the look, so I had wiped the brush clean and went in with marvel blending it into the beginning of dream

• I then added some of the believe highlight in the inner corner of my eye, and added a line of glitter below the crease 

•To finish off this look I added a winged liner and some mascara. I think it would have looked better with falsies but I had none at home