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MAC Good Luck Trolls Collection: Review and Swatches 

By now it’s been established that I’m a sucker for pretty packaging.. but how can you not be? So when I saw the Good Luck Trolls collection MAC released a few months ago I was eyeing up so many of the products. I had some added to my cart but I just never got around to ordering them.
So now it’s time for a funny story… I had went online to order my November MAC Shadow of the Month (post is here!) and they were still in my cart, except I looked at the total and it was NO WHERE near what it was before. So I searched the collection and needless to say they are all on sale. So I added a few more items to my cart and placed my order.

For those who haven’t gotten a chance to view the collection or pick up any pieces from it I would definitely recommend doing so here. This collection offers some fun products as well as a few everyday products. Personally I choose to get 1 of almost all the products and choose to get them in the more everyday wearable shades. 

With that being said let’s get started on my swatches and reviews for the pieces I got from this awesome collection.

The first item I picked out was the pressed beauty powder in “Glow Rida“. This item is originally $33.50 and is currently on sale for $13.40. This comes in a super cute pink compact with a turquoise troll doll on it. The inside has a full mirror on one side and the powder features a troll embossed into it. As the name suggests this is a highlighting powder that “glows”. It is a subtle glow, but it is build able and if you apply with fix+ it’s more dramatic. The powder itself is a bronze toned powder with gold sparkles in it.

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The powder also comes in “Play it Proper” a pastel soft pink (it does not contain any glitter).

The next item I ordered was an eyeshadow in the shade “Silly Vanilly” with a satin finish. This was originally $20.50 and it is currently on sale for $8.20. I figured you can never go wrong with a white shadow in to make you look more alert and with a single one I can easily throw it in my purse for touch ups throughout the day. On the website it does claim it is “white with very fine silver glitter” but to my eye the glitter is undetectable and it appears just white. As for the packaging, it is very similar to the powder with a troll embossed into it but it is purple with a yellow troll on it.

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The shadow can also be purchased in 4 other shades; “Atlantic Blue” a matte cobalt blue, “Suns Out, Buns Out” a mustard yellow with pearl, “Black Tied” a velvet black with silver sparkles, and “Paradisco” a bright pinky coral with pearl on a frost finish.

The third thing I ordered was a lipglass in the colour “Saint Germain” which is a fun and bright bubblegum pink. This is originally $20.50 and again on sale for $8.20. It applies very smooth and smells amazing with a slightly sheer coverage while still having enough to colour your lips. It does feel slightly sticky on the lips but not annoyingly so. This packaging has to be my favourite out of them all since it’s handle is sparkly turquoise. And the same as the other it features the troll on it except this one is in lime green.

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The lipglass can also be purchased in 3 shades; “Bubble Butt” a magenta with fine pink and blue glitter, “Glitter Grunge” a sheer berry sparkle with extra fine silver sparkle, and “Twerkqoise” a transparent sky blue with pink reflect

And the final item I ordered was a lipstick in the colour “Sushi Kiss” in a satin sheen. This is a fun coral shade, which is just bright enough to get away with wearing it in an everyday look. This does not have an original price but I would guess it to be around $23 and it is on sale for $9.00. I wore this to work today and actually had gotten multiple compliments on it, and an even funnier thing is that this is my first MAC lippy and I just realized what I’ve been missing. It applies like a dream, so opaque and smooth and the smell, mmm it’s fantastic. The packaging for this is also a favourite of mine with its coral tube with a purple troll on it.

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There are also 3 other colours available online; those being “Midnight Troll”, a matte rich blue, “Can’t Be Tamed”, a sheer lime yellow in a lustre finish, and “Dance Off Pants Off” a frosted hot pink

So for a total of $38.30 or less than the original price of any 2 of the items I was able to pick up all 4 of the items.

With such fun names like “Glow Rida” and “Twerqoise”, even more fun packaging and now amazing prices how could you say no to this collection? Do you have any of these items? Or will you be picking any up?

xo Danielle

  • I really like the pressed beauty powders but I don’t know how I’d feel about having such brightly colored lipstick… I’m not sure I could rock it outside the safety of my own home haha. It was fun seeing what MAC did with the collection though!

    xx Heather

  • I bought a couple of products from this collection as they were 60% off at MAC. SCORE! Love the orange lipstick!