Estee Lauder Double Wear vs Double Wear to Go

Everyone’s heard of the coveted Double Wear foundation that everyone loves, but have you heard of the Double Wear to Go? I know I hadn’t but when Ipsy had the Double Wear to Go as a point redemption last month I was instantly intrigued, and the fact that they had 2N1 as one of the options? SOLD

So fast forward about a month – I might add it felt like a super long month – and I finally had received my May Ipsy bag and of course, my Double Wear to Go.

While waiting for it to come in the mail, I had decided to do my research on the Double Wear to Go to find out that

a) it is currently on sale? clearance? for $25, so you might wanna pick one up
b) it apparently does not have the same formula as the original Double wear

which leads us to now – my comparison of the 2, because no they are not the same formula. HOWEVER, I do enjoy they equally.

The first and most obvious difference is the packaging. The original comes in a rectangular frosted glass bottle with a gold lid and the Double Wear to Go comes in a sleek, and rather large compact.

Double WearThe way that the “to Go” works is actually pretty cool, it comes in a compact and when you open it there is a mirror on the top and a little sponge to apply. When removing the sponge you will a little white button. When you push the black button inside the compact a little amount of foundation will come out the hole. Which makes for a perfect little touch up foundation to keep in your purse.Double Wear to GoDouble Wear to Go

The original on the other hand… pretty self explanatory. Remove the cap, empty some on your hand or another surface then apply.Double Wear

For the packaging I would have to go with the Double Wear to Go as my favourite!!

Double Wear
Top – Double Wear to Go Bottom – OG Double Wear First applied

Formula wise you know that the original Double wear is a medium-full coverage foundation that stays in place for 24 hours and dries down matte.

Double Wear
Top- Double Wear to Go Bottom – Double Wear

The Double Wear to go on the other hand does not have as long as a staying power as it is meant to last for 8 hours. It does not dry matte as it is more luminous and dewy, but it is still medium-full coverage.

Formula wise, its hard to pick a favourite because it depends on the look I’m trying to achieve. But staying power definitely goes to the original.

Colour wise when I first swatched the 2 they were not the same colour and I wont lie, it did concern me quite a bit. The original had a lot lighter of a colour, but as it dried down to matte it darkened and became the same colour as the Double Wear to Go.


They are definitely not the same formula or product, however they are both good products. With the to go on sale for $25, it is a great time to pick it up.

Original = longer wearing + matte

To Go = not as long wearing, dewy finish + more convenient packaging

  • Linda L

    I’m more of a long-wearing-matte type of girl, lol so I’ll probably stick to the original DW. Thanks for this comparison! It was a great read!

    • daniellemarieexo

      Thank you! I prefer the original I think (formula wise atleast) but love the convenience of the to go !