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Drugstore Favourites; NYX, ColourPop, Essence & More

drugstore favourites

While I have had a few people request this I feel like this is a very popular topic, and one not talked too much about. Drugstore makeup. While most of my makeup is high end there are quite a few of my favourites that are indeed in the a lot more affordable range. If I don’t happen to have a favourite in drug store brands of a certain product I will do my best to post what I’ve heard amazing things about. Or if I used a product in the past and it was a favourite I will post them (although there might be better products of that type out now.)


Rimmel London

I can never bring myself to spend 50$ on a foundation. My skin tone is constantly changing because as bad as it is I usually indoor tan in the winter (I find it helps my depression, not sure why it just does.) So with that being said I have a few drugstore foundations to share with you. All of them are Rimmel London, I guess you can say that they are my go to brand and I am always trying out different ones (plus I have my holy grail foundation by them.)  The plus being I don’t believe I’ve ever paid more than 10$ for any of them.

First off is my holy grail foundation, this is the Rimmel London Stay Matte. I have been using this one for almost 2 years now and I love how full coverage it is. It is extremely thick but does not feel heavy on your skin, and it dries matte. Now if you’re not looking for a matte foundation, this one probably isn’t the best option. So onto the next.

When I want to go for more a natural look I always go to my Rimmel London Matte BB Cream. This leaves my skin feeling so light and refreshed with still decent coverage. Since I mainly use it to even out my complexion. This BB cream is 9 in 1 when it comes to benefits, including minimizing the look of pores, mattifies, and smoothing of skin.

When I want a coverage somewhere between the 2 I tend to reach for the Rimmel London Match Perfection. This is perfect if I’m not going for a matte finish but still want full coverage as this has a “pore blurring effect” I also love how this one blends so well into my skin, and has a very nice scent to it.


Favourite Eyeliners

First off I will go with my stick liner, this isn’t particularly a “drugstore” brand since you have to order online, but the prices are certainly comparable to drugstore brands. With that being said Colourpop’s Creme Gel Liner is easily my favourite liner. I only have one colour and that is a pretty rose gold called “Get Paid”; which I had gotten in an Ipsy bag a few months ago. But it goes on so smoothly, and it is also highly pigmented. You can find them here.

For my favourite drugstore liquid liner I would have to say it is Annabelle liquid liner. It has a felt tip applicator so it is easy to go on, plus is also very pigmented. The only downfall is that after a while the tip begins to get wear down (but that is the case with most felt tipped liners.)



My favourite pressed powder is actually the one that goes with my go to foundation. That is the Rimmel London Stay Matte pressed powder. This powder is amazing because it is almost translucent but still has colour to it. I use it everyday over my foundation and it keeps me from looking oily all day long.



I have recently became obsessed with liquid lipstick. Maybe its the fact that I can still give my baby kisses with it on without the fear of it smudging on him. But either way I’ve began experimenting with different brands and my all time favourite brand for it happens to be a drugstore(ish) brand.

NYX is an affordable brand with amazing products ranging from face, to eyes to lips. Lips being my favourite products by them! I have tried a large variety of their lip products but my all time favourites would be their Liquid Suedes for bolder colours, their Lip Lingerie for nudes and their Cosmic Metals for an even bolder look.

NYX is limited to the drugstores where you are able to purchase it, but it is sold at Rexall, some Shoppers Drug Marts and they recently began opening their own stores in North America. You are also able to purchase online here if you don’t have access to anywhere that sells it.


Now unfortunately I do not have a drugstore concealer recommendation because it has been so long that I have purchased one. But I have heard really amazing things about the LA Girl concealer. What’s your go to drugstore concealer? I have a feeling I should probably try a few.



For brows I would have to recommend the Essence Cosmetics line. They offer just about every brow product from a clear setting gel, Make me Brow (a tinted gel with fibres and a dupe for Benefits Gimme Brow) and also brow pencils. Personally I use the clear setting gel everyday and occasionally reach for the Make Me Brow, but all are great products and under the 5$ range!


Again it has been so long that I’ve purchased a drugstore mascara; between the endless deluxe samples of high end ones from Ipsy and Sephora. However my favourite from when I did was the Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion as it gives length and volume.

Favourite Drugstore Brands


Offers almost every type of products, my personal favourites include Make Me Brow, Lash Brow Gel Mascara, All About Matt! Powder and Satin Matt Mattifying top coat (read my review here!)
Where to Buy: Shoppers Drug Marts or here
Price: Very Affordable, most products under $5


Offers a few different types of products, but a wide selection of each type. They sell almost everything with the exception of foundation, concealer, primer, powder, mascara and nail polish. While I have yet to try their lip products or face products, I am blown away by their eye products and the rest is on my to get list.
Where to Buy: Only available on their website
Price: Affordable, most products under $10 USD, plus free international shipping over $50. Also sign up to their email list for $5 off your first order


Offers just about every type of beauty product going. My personal favourites by them include their liquid lipsticks (Cosmic Metals, Lip Lingerie and Liquid Suede) but I have heard amazing things about all their products especially their Pore Filler Primer.
Where to Buy: Select Shoppers Drug Marts, Rexalls, NYX Retail stores and online
Price: Higher end of the drugstore scale, but still affordable. most products under $15

  • Ooh I love posts like this! Rimmel Stay Matte powder is my favourite too. It works so well to keep my oil at bay! I really need to try more Essence products. I keep hearing such great things.