MAC Shadow of the Month

MAC Shadow of the Month- October 

There’s something so magical about the month of October, the leaves are still changing, it’s the prime time for fall, and most importantly Halloween. Now I have a few looks that I want to try and create before Halloween, but it’s a lot harder to do my makeup than it is to work on my blog with a baby.
With that being said, I’m back with the second post of my custom first year of blogging MAC palette.(it’s even on time this month, go Danielle!) And if you missed last months post, the idea is to purchase a MAC shadow each month that relates to/reminds me of the month. Last months was “Coppering” and you can read it here. As I mentioned in my first post I had picked up September and October’s shadow of the month while in Toronto at the beginning of the month.

MAC Steamy I was originally going to go with another fall colour. I was thinking an orange or copper but then I saw the most amazing mermaid-y blue and my mind was made up.

Octobers shadow of the month is “Steamy“.  It is described as a “bluish-green with gold pearl” in their frost finish. So since I had decided that I want to be a mermaid for Halloween a few months ago, seeing this colour I knew it needed to be my shadow of the month.

Now the main reason I love this series is that it gives me the opportunity to branch out and extend my shadow collection with colours I wouldn’t normally get within my typical nude palettes. Like a blue eyeshadow? I never in a million years thought I would live to see the day I wear, yet alone buy a blue eyeshadow.

What’s your favourite MAC eyeshadow? Leave it below and it just might end up one of my monthly shadows.

xo Danielle 

  • Another beautiful colour! I always love blues but can never see myself wearing them. This one is so stunning and is the perfect mermaid colour!