MAC Shadow of the Month

MAC Shadow of the Month: November

Its time for my third addition to my first year of blogging MAC palette. This month is a little bit different of a reason for choosing my shadow of the month, as I chose it for a very personal reason.

My grandparents on their 30th wedding anniversary. Wearing her favourite yellow coat of course!

Growing up my grandma was always my favourite person in the whole world. She was my best friend, my rock and my shoulder to cry on (she also may have spoiled me, but that’s just a plus) but unfortunately cancer took her life in the summer of 2014. This shadow is in memory or her because on November 13 she would be celebrating her birthday. Anyone who knew my grandma would remember her bright yellow coat and know that she loved anything yellow.

So with that being said my November shadow of the month is “Chrome Yellow“. It is a vivid bright yellow with a matte finish. It also happens to be the colour of my grandma’s favourite jacket. MAC Chrome Yellow

Also if you’re new here you’re probably like why does she have a shadow of the month? Well the idea here is to fill up a palette with 1 or 2 shadows each month that remind me of the Month. In the end I will have a palette full of shadows that I can look back on to remind me of my first year of beauty blogging.

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Since next month is Christmas what are your favourite holiday tones shadows from MAC? Let me know and maybe it’ll end up in my palette next month.

xo Danielle

  • That’s so sweet! I’m sure your grandma would love the shadow you chose in her honour!