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HACK | How to View Ipsy Glam Bag Contents EARLY!!

I imagine that I’m not the only suuuuuper impatient person out there. As much as I love the surprise of getting 5 new products each month with Ipsy, I get so impatient seeing all the spoilers, so I mean I MUST see mine early (right?). Well here comes the hack that saved the day.

Each month on the 5th (or next business day if it falls on a weekend) Ipsy will allow you to view the contents of your glam bag. BUT within the last couple months, there has been a hack released to change up the coding a little bit and be able to view your glam bag as early as the 3rd.

If you’re not interested in viewing early you can stop reading here, or if you want to know what you’re getting early continue reading to view the step by step instructions WITH PICTURES!

NOTE: this is actually super easy like I nearly failed my coding class in my first semester of college but I can do this with no problems at all!! Also you need to be on a computer with Google Chrome for this hack to work.

First off, you’re going to have to make sure that you glam bag does not say “not received” under if. If this is the case it could be from your payment failing, but they will try again throughout the month and you will get the glam bag.

So the first actual step is to log into your account and scroll down to the bottom-ish. It will say “Glam Bag in the Making, Check back on 5/5 to find out what you’ll be receiving in your May Glam Bag!” If you see that you’re all set to go! Ipsy Hack

Next you want to right click on the “We’re still making you glambag!” and go to the bottom option and click on “INSPECT”

Once you click on “inspect” this will open up the coding page. You will want to scroll down until you see PHASE 3. You then want to scroll down and click on the blue text under phase 3.

Once you click on that you are going to want to look for element styles. This is usually in the section below the coding. Now you want to copy this: display: block !important
Once that it copied you want to  paste it where it says “Element Style”
After this, you want to repeat the same but in the next blue part of the coding.
and ta da! Once you click the x,  you will now have your glam bag contents earlier than expected. Now the real waiting game happens while you wait for your glam bag to arrive
Hopefully, those of you who are impatient like myself enjoyed this little hack!
Danielle xo