Walking to Free Movies? Enter Carrot Rewards

Have you ever wanted free movies? We all know that the Scene program can help you make your way there. But did you know that walking can bring you there too? 

Enter the Carrot Rewards Program. Unfortunately it is only available to Canadian citizens, but you are able to take surveys, walk and refer friends to free movies – if that’s the reward you choose to link to your account. 

When you first sign up you have the option of choosing 1 reward program that your points will go to – they have Scene, Aeroplan, Petro Points and More Rewards. Each plan has a different amount of points allotted with it. So for the purpose of this post (and the only one I have) I will be talking about Scene. 

When you first sign up and link your card you will be awarded 100 points. Then you have the option to enter a bonus code, where you can enter “Scene25” for an addition 25 points. Then if you add the code “danielled1602” for an additional 50 points! 

After your account is created there is a couple of health related surveys you are able to fill out for even more additional points as well – these are also updated frequently. 

During the first 2 weeks the app will track your steps and decide what your daily goal will be based off your average steps from those 2 weeks. Then if you reach your goal you will be rewarded EVEN MORE points. 

How freaking awesome is this? You can literally walk your way to free movies – or a plane ticket if you choose to earn the points that way. And the best part is that you will be helping to contribute to a healthier lifestyle while being rewarded. 

What are your thoughts on the app? Let me know in the comments below ! 

Danielle xo