March Favourites 

Holyyyyyy, how is it already the last day of march? It feels like just yesterday I was as counting down the days to my move and now I’ve already been in my new apartment for nearly 3 weeks. I definitely am not complaining about how fast it’s going tho because I have so many things coming up to look forward to. My champagne birthday, Gen Beauty/ my Toronto trip and going back to school in September.

With that being said let’s cut straight to the chase. The things I’ve been loving the month of March.

The first item I’ve been loving is a mascara. But my goodness it might as well be false lashes in a bottle. This mascara gives the appearance of falsies without the hassle of wearing actual false lashes. This wonderful mascara is the 3D Fibre Lashes by Younique with their new formula. I had originally tried the old formula and was not overly impressed. The fibers did not stay on and would flake off super easy. The new formula, on the other hand, is the complete opposite; no flakes and stays on perfectly all day. This is a 3 step process, first, you apply the transplanting gel to your lashes then put on the fibers and seal them in with another coat of the transplanting gel.

Seriously tho, check out these lashes

The second item is the highly talked about Nicole Guerrero x Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit. My goodness. I had originally bought the Ultimate Glow Kit in December and was so disappointed. It was so chalky and chunky and did not stay all day. But when I had swatched the Nicole Guerrero Glow Kit in Sephora I knew I needed it. The formula is so smooth, buttery and pigmented. And unlike the Ultimate Glow a little does go a long way.Glow Kit
The next item is one that I never knew I needed in my life until Ipsy introduced me to the world of lip scrubs. Once I began loving lip scrubs I had found out that Lush has a bubblegum one. OH MY, it smells so delicious, and tastes even better. The best part is that since it’s made with all natural ingredients once you rub it on your lips you can lick it off.
The next isn’t a physical item but a makeup look. I’ve began to step out of my comfort zone lately by trying slightly more bold looks. So with that being said I have fallen in love with colourful spring time looks! Here are a couple of the ones I’ve created.

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Next is a TV show, that being Imposters. I’d try to explain it I’ll probably end up sound ridiculous. Basically a girl pretends to be someone she’s not and gets rich people to marry her then she takes off with their money and goes after the next victim. Until all her exes come together to try and take her down and she finally meets her match. That’s as far as I got so far. But oh my goodness, I always get so excited when the new issue airs each week.

Finally on to my favourite songs for the month. This month is a mix of country and dance-y tunes.

So those were my March Favourites! I really hope you enjoyed the post. Let me know what you’ve been loving this month below in the comments!
Danielle xo