Holy Moly. May 1 already? NO WAY. This year is flying by. I don’t even know how it is, but it is. Feels like yesterday I was celebrating Bentley’s first birthday, and now I’m booking his 15-month immunizations.


But enough of the sappy stuff, that happens at the beginning of everyyyyyy favourites post. (It’s a habit because I literally have NO IDEA where this year is going.) But let’s get into the good stuff, the reason you’re here, the products I’ve loved throughout the month of April.


Now this month, and let’s be honest until I finally find a job that’s willing to work with daycare hours I am on a very minimal buy period. So most of these favourites are rekindled loves or products that I did happen to purchase.


First up is a rediscovered favourite from last summer, the Intense Lip Polish in Nude by Absolute New York. I had received this lippy from Gen Beauty Toronto last may and had used it all summer. But I guess it got lost in my lipstick drawer and I had rediscovered it after my move. This lip polish is amazing; it has the pigmentation of a lipstick, but the intense glossiness of a gloss. The best part, the formula is not super sticky AND it is only $5.99 plus it comes in an array of colours!! (18 to be exact!) the only downfall that I can say is that I don’t think anywhere sells these locally so I would have to order online. But they can be purchased hereAbsolute New Yorki

Next up is the ELF Liquid Liner in Jet Black. I swear liquid liner will be the death of me, but this handy little liner seems to help a fair bit. The brush has fairly long bristles so it flows freely while allowing you to create the perfect wing. Usually it takes me about 27 tries, 84 q-tips and half a bottle of micellar water to get a decent looking wing on my eyes, but this I can get it looking good on the first try!! And I won’t even mention how many different liners it took to finally find this beauty, but here’s a hint it was more than 10. Isn’t it funny that this was the cheapest of them all too?


So as I’m writing this it came to my conclusion that I haven’t worn makeup in almost 2 weeks since I’m waiting to get a prescription to deal with the insane hormonal acne I’ve been dealing with, so I am letting my face take a little breather. So those are the only makeup favourites I have for you this month. Oops, I’m sorry, but I promise I will hopefully have more of a list next month.


My next favourite is a miscellaneous product. I’ve had a Scentsy addiction for quite some time, but I usually only place a couple orders a year. For those of you who do not know what Scentsy is, it’s a direct sales company that sells wax melts and as well as warmers. My current favourite scent is also a slight regret from only purchasing 2 when it was available. It is the Inner Peace bar from the Bring Back My Bar 2017. This bar makes my entire apartment smell fantastic. It’s a super clean and fresh scent with “Earthy wood notes with the unmistakable scent of lemon groves and rejuvenating cypress” AKA IT SMELLS BOMB.


My next favourite is another tv show because when Bentley is sleeping at night I usually tend to binge watch Netflix. With that being said Riverdale has stolen my Friday nights because HAVE MERCY. This show is just so addicting, there is so much mystery and drama that I just can’t wait until the next week for the new episode. Also having Paw Patrol on every waking moment when your son is awake calls for some mommy tv time. PS it’s based off the Archie Comics, how could you not love it.riverdale

here, have a peak at the commerical and see why I love it.

Finally, like every other month. We will finish my favourites off with my top 10 songs in a Spotify playlist. Most of these songs are super upbeat and I have been listening to them during my workout sessions.



Danielle xo



  • Andy Rupert

    Current fav of scentsy product is one my sister gave me shimmer I love it

    • daniellemarieexo

      How does it smell?! I have a whole box of them so my favourite is always changing

  • That Intense Lip Polish in Nude is so pretty!