BLOGMAS Day 6- VS Fashion Show Thoughts

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is probably the most well-known and popular fashion show and there’s clearly a reason; An hour of beautiful models and million dollar outfits.


While I had missed the original airing of the show I was able to catch up on it last night here! and while I had watched it I may have been taking notes on my favourite outfits, my thoughts on the show and some outfits that I had some major questions about to share with you.

So without any more delay let’s get started!!

The first thing that came to my mind while watching was the fact I personally think that Kendall is so much more talented than Kylie. I might get a lot of hate for this, but really Kylie is making fame off her name, while Kendall is out there working her ass off to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

I think I am also not alone in the fact that I wish I could have the body of one of the angels. But seriously tho… they are sooooo skinny. Maybe even a little too skinny, I think that they create a very unrealistic image of beauty in society. Now don’t get me wrong, they are all stunning but would it kill Victoria’s Secret to have an average sized Angel?

Gigi is gorgeous, there’s not much to add to that.

What the hell was Lady Gaga wearing for her first song? Seriously… what was it? I did not find it pretty at all.

The first set of outfits… I was not a fan of many. I think the only one that I really liked was. I will try to find a picture of it since I have the time it appeared.heres-elsa-hosk-with-a-chinese-dragon-for-some-reason

The second set was a lot better, there was 4 this time that I adored.

But MY GOODNESS… THE PINK ONES… So amazing. Maybe it was because they were all my favourite colour and had so many bows. But I was in LOVE!

The wings were covered in pink bows… I might have found my next years Halloween costume.grace-elizabeth-rocked-the-pink-wings-this-year

I also had some questions about Bruno Mars outfit… He looked as if he was in the wrong decade.

BUT my goodness, I forgot how beautiful his voice was.

I also really enjoyed the plethora of sheer raincoats in the fourth set of outfits.


Kendall’s black and white outfit. This might have actually been my favourite from the whole show.this-is-kendall-jenners-prim-second-look

“This show is almost over and I haven’t seen Candice… *Sad Face*” – Turns out she just had a baby… could explain things. But my goodness, she was probably the most flawless pregnant woman I’ve seen looking at her pictures.

My final thought while watching the show is why on earth they would spend 3 million dollars on creating a piece of lingerie… Like seriously tho… they could do so much better for this world with 3 million dollars.

Once the show was over I came up with a life goal of going to a VS Fashion Show one day… doubtful it will happen but a girl can dream.


I have compiled my 12 favourite outfits from this year’s show for you below.

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