Spring 2017 Beauty Trends

Spring has officially sprung in London. The weather’s warming up, the grass is getting greener and leaves are starting to bloom. If you take away all the rain spring is such a pretty season and a reminder that every year is a fresh start.
So obviously each and every year there are going to be new beauty trends with each season, and for Spring 2017 I decided to take a first look at the trends and give my say. Would I wear it? Have I tried it? Is it completely insane? Continue reading to find out my take on the 21 spring/summer beauty trends as told by


1.No Makeup Makeup 

This is one trend that I can definitely see myself loving. Because some days I just don’t feel like doing a full glam face of makeup. I mean can you blame me? I have a hyperactive 1 year old to chase around 24/7.


2.No Powder, No Problems  

This one I will try. But I’m not too sure how I’m going to feel about it. I’m the type of girl who will use a matte foundation, with a matte powder and a matte setting spray in one application. But hey, new season new me?
3.Strobe Over Contour

Again, eeee I don’t know how I feel about this. As much as I love my highlight, I like being able to take 20 pounds off my face with contouring. #SorryNotSorry
4.Soft Warm Contour 

This is one I could totally see myself rocking. I mean I do have a warmer skin tone and think I could handle this.
5. ‘80s Makeup Touches: Eyeshadow? Blush? What’s the Difference?

I totally think I could pull this off. I mean I AM trying to step out of my comfort zone, and what better way to do this than a blast from the past?
6.Face Art Galore 

YES, YES, so much YES!!! As I mentioned earlier I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone, and seeing all these music festival inspired looks has got me feeling something. I think I’m ready to tackle this!


7.Bringing Nature to the Runway

I’m not 100% sure how I feel about this. I mean it is suuuuper pretty and spring is all about fresh starts and new beginnings, but we’ll just have to see. I mean I could always try gluing a couple small petals places or mimic the flowers with shadows.


8.Bold and Graphic Eye Shadow

I’m willing to try, not too sure how much I’m going to love the final result. But any excuse to use my new Tarte Make Believe in Yourself palette is a good one.


9.Frosted Eye Shadows

Yes yes yes, as much as I love my matte shadows, frosty and shimmery shadows are always so pretty. And again, ahem the Make Believe in Yourself palette. Tarte clearly knew about these trends when they released it.

Tarte Make Beleive in Yourself
look how frosty these colours are!!
10.Pastel Eye Makeup

YEEEES, I’ve totally been loving pastel and pretty shadows. If you follow me on Instagram you would already know this, but I’ve been having so much fun creating colourful looks with spring colours. This also makes me want Kat Von D Pastel Goth palette.

11.Subtle Smoky Eye 

I think this is a good thing, as much as there’s a time and a place for a dramatic smoky eye, I personally don’t think I can pull it off. But this, on the other hand, I’ll have to try.


12.Glossy Eyes

Doesn’t this feel so uncomfortable on your eyes? I’ve been seeing this everywhere but could never figure it out. I get there’s a medium for it, but isn’t it sticky? Wouldn’t it crease like there’s no tomorrow? I will give it looking awesome tho.


13.Blue Eye Shadow

When I first hear blue eye shadow I instantly think of Mimi. (Is that just me?) looking at pictures tho I totally feel a lot less intimated by this trend. I am actually pretty excited to try it out! (just kidding realized I had already played around with it) There are so many different options for it, and you can even mix in some of the other trends like graphic shadows! 
14.Warm Statement Shadows

This one I could also love. I mean the Modern Renaissance palette is one of my favourites and it’s full of warm colours to test out this trend.
15.Liner Only on the Lower Lashes 

Yes!! This one I am 150% down for. No matter how hard I try I can never get a nice Liner on the upper lid. So I avoid it anyways. But a little on the waterline is always a good idea.
16.Cool Highlighted Inner Corners

YES YES YES!! This was a trend when I was in early high school. Everyone had a white shadow highlight on the inner corner even if they didn’t have shadow on. I’ve always used this trend since it helps to make my eyes seem more awake and bright. I’m so glad to see it an actual trend now.

Rocking the cool toned inner highlight circa 2009
17.No Mascara for the Pale Girls 

Is this some sort of sick joke? I love my lashes big. The bigger the better. I certainly will not be hopping on this bandwagon.
18.Thick Brows Brushed Up

Unfortunately, even if I wanted to try this one I don’t think I can. I over plucked my brows in high school and am forever dealing with trying to make them grow back in thicker


19.Bee-Stung Lips

Count me in for trying this look out. I have very littttle lip on my upper lip and anything to make it look larger is a plus for me.


20.Red Lips

Let’s be honest here, are red lips every not trendy? I mean this spring there’s a lot less of a focus on mattes, and more sheer/satin. But I will forever love my red lips.


21.Glittery and Shimmery Lips

*insert happy dancing emoji* yes yes yes, I love all things glitter and am so excited to try this trend out. I’ve tried adding some highlight on top of a lipstick and that result was gorgeous, but I cannot wait to try out pure glitter !!

Overall I was thinking there was going to be a lot more trends this spring that I had to say “oh hellllll no” to, but there was actually only a couple.

I think the trends this spring are all super fun and exciting and I dare YOU to play around with a couple of these and show me the results! Do you have any favourites from the list? Let me know down below!
Also, I’m thinking of maybe doing a weekly series for the next 3 weeks with one of these trends tried out each day, so by the end of the 3 weeks, all will have been tried. What do you think?
Danielle xo